Master Key Week 7

MKMMA 2015! You are kicking ass and taking names!!

Every week I’m blown away with our assignments to learn different ways to teach our brains to learn.  To me it really is a fascinating endeavor, figuring myself out.  It definitely can be mind boggling and yet I’m so curious so this seems just perfect, but not necessarily easy.

Now I get to create a recording of myself for my self!  Fascinating and I’m determined to make it fun and no stress.  At this moment I can’t think of a single piece of music to use in the background and I love all kinds of music.

Couple that with the whole technology of it all and I’m somewhat uncertain so I am DETERMINED to have fun and be in awe and more confident when I come out with a beautiful product that advances my life.

I know these things wouldn’t be worth doing if they didn’t invoke some ‘feeling some kinda way’ vibe.  “Hittin’ it for myself,” as my mother used to say, doing my human revolution are requirements to become the future self I envision and Baby I’m worth it!

I greet this day with love in my heart! My daily walks allow me to silently say “I love you” to tons of people!  It’s so cool!  It is also great fun picking people far away or on the other side of the street, it’s such a good feeling.

Wow! I just had an ah ha moment, but that’s another blog!  Think I just found my background music!