Master Key Week 8

Week 8 and I’m still here! It feels good to hang in there and challenge my lazy nature. Do it now! That’s my new battle cry and honestly, it is quite effective. I feel good looking in the mirror every night reciting the Gal in the Glass knowing that I stretched myself. I’m doing something good for myself and loving it.

Continuing to work on making my DMP and press release recordings better inspired me to rewrite my DMP and I see a rewrite in the future for my press release as well. While I admit I’m not much of a fan of imagining a battleship I can see my imagination is working overtime to improve and clarify what I will to be. I can be what I will to be!

This week I was able to explain more of what I’m doing and learning to my daughter who is now interested in becoming a part of the 2016 MKMMA! She wants to create new neuropeptides around her health, so to learn that her mom is doing just that was a little shocking to her I think. She is definitely one of my biggest supporters so I’m happy it resonates with her. She and another friend have agreed to be my master mind partners! Yippee, two people to hold me accountable for my OATS.

The mental diet is a real work out and the answer to a prayer. I love observing my mind even when it’s talking smack. I laugh, hit RESET and advance joyfully with gratitude!

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