Master Key Week 6

Ok! MKMMA is getting Turnt Up!  Well maybe not that wild, but I can see it coming!!  When I find myself saying “do it now” and then doing something I’ve been putting off it feels amazing!  I feel turnt up!  I can be what I will to be!

When the connections with what I’m reading in the scrolls and what’s going on in some area of my life become vividly clear, it feels exhilarating.  Another piece of the puzzle of my life is uncovered, rediscovered.

I’ve always felt like I can respect everyone due to their inherent Buddha nature but never really considered saying “I love you” to them even silently.  It’s been a very cool practice to take on.  I walk a lot in my neighborhood doing my chores in order to get my promised 30 minutes of walking everyday and meeting new people to add to my list.

Now as I smile I also silently say “I love you” to the people I encounter.  It is refreshing and somehow makes me feel like I’m changing something at a fundamental level.  Sometimes we lock eyes, or exchange smiles and sometimes we don’t but the feeling is always encouraging.

Doing the shapes exercise proved interesting today.  I woke up, began my morning read of Greatest Salesman, PPN, DMP and index cards.  I linked for the first time that my bedroom is a big yellow square!  In fact, most of the rooms are yellow with red!  I love yellow, it’s my favorite color.   IMG_2414

I link this blue rectangle picture of the griots who are using their voices of wisdom to encourage and inspire others with my DMP.  That, too,  is my mission so as I sit at my computer I can look at that picture and imagine fulfilling my definite chief purpose with joy!IMG_2413


This is really cool stuff, this MKMMA.  I can feel these new habits taking root in my subconscious and I’m loving it!


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