Master Key Week 4

There’s a term in Buddhism called Human Revolution. One explanation I read is, “Those who at first may be completely overwhelmed by their environment or constantly defeated by their weaknesses but who then undergo dramatic personal transformation as a result of solid Buddhist practice can be wonderful inspirations for others. The most intense suffering, unbearable agony and seemingly insurmountable deadlock are actually brilliant opportunities for doing our human revolution.” Daisaku Ikeda

Week 4 of MKMMA has seen me fighting to overcome feelings of “intense suffering, unbearable agony and seemingly insurmountable deadlock” or experiencing my human revolution. The daily requirements of reading, sitting, affirming, reading, blogging, tweeting, affirming, reading…. still feels overwhelming, really time consuming and somewhat confusing.

Add to that my business requirement of facilitating a large year end group trip and for the first time no less! Everyday things appears to be down to the wire or behind schedule, confusing, overwhelming, mistake riddled, blah, blah, blah you get the point.

My MKMMA experience is teaching me how to use a “strong counter suggestion, frequently repeated to control my thoughts and create good habits.” Through the reading, blogging, affirming, reading, sitting… I’m learning powerful new ways to create good habits which are mandatory for my success. The world within creates the world without.

Winning, victory, success is the only option. This is a never be defeated moment. No matter what happens I am determined to use my MKMMA 2015 experience and my engaged Buddhist practice to get what I give. I always give something. I know I can be what I will to be and I do it now!! I advance joyfully doing my Human Revolution!


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7 thoughts on “Master Key Week 4”

    1. Awesome Carole! So nice to FINALLY see this. I’m sorry. Still getting used to blogging and checking comments and Twitter. This is wonderful! I’m so excited to meet you. Let’s stay connected.

  1. If it’s any consolation, you’re definitely not alone. I facing the same monumental challenges. But in the end we know and believe that it’s going to work out. Loved you’re blog

  2. I so, so relate to you and Allen! You’re definitely Not alone… Thank you for your transparency. Enjoyed your blog. Big team hug to you!! 🙂

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