Master Key Week 3

Good news! Although I missed the MKMMA webinar on Sunday & Digital Connections on Monday I’m still going strong and keeping up with all my assignments. I’m grateful for the webinar replays and took the time yesterday and today to listen to both webinars.

I went to Florida last week to attend a Buddhist women’s conference. It was no easy task doing all my readings and sitting still for 15 minutes AND not thinking with 193 other women around.

The real challenge was managing my thoughts when things got really busy and seemed as if there was just no time to make it all happen. In truth, a couple of days the sitting did not happen but that was then and this is now!

I can’t change the past but I can take 100% responsibility for myself and begin again from this moment on. I sat quietly today, silenced a panic-filled thought that overcame me for a moment, and finished strong refusing to let fear win!

I accomplished my chore for the week today as well, and my front porch looks great all swept down and clean. Do it now, do it now, do it now! I saw blue rectangles and red circles all day today.

I felt such a sense of struggle reading my DMP until I realized that liberty and recognition for creative expression were not my PPNs at all. I looked over the list again and felt more connected to legacy, my strong desire to write history through my actions for world peace and justice and how could I have ever overlooked true health?? How can I leave a legacy if I’m sick, tired, fearful and socially isolated with insufficient funds?

I’m determined to live my bliss by leaving a legacy of capable people and living a life brimming with good health, vitality and abundance.


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6 thoughts on “Master Key Week 3”

  1. Glad your able to keep up. I agree with you on the things you are experiencing. I to am on this journey and am finding it difficult to keep up but am determined like you. Thank you for being so honest.

    1. I’m sorry it takes me so long to reply. Another hurdle I am overcoming! It’s all really cool when we don’t freak out huh? lol

  2. Well done Aanya!
    I understand writing your DMP. I was struggling with this until my guide suggested I revisit the webinar and pick new PPNs. Since I did that it all seemed to flow. Better to pull a rope than push it.

    1. That’s exactly what happened. I realized the PPNs I chose didn’t move me when I read them. I have 2 I can really feel now. Congrats on your DMP success too!!

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