Master Key Week 2

Whew! I feel like I’m on a wild ride and not very good at riding.  The MKMMA experience seems like soooo much homework and I’m not a big fan of homework.  But I refuse to let my mind master me and tell me I can’t do it or that I don’t have the time.  All I have is time!

If I want to grow, develop and really understand myself like I keep saying I do and if I want to be financially free like I say I do then I know I have to buckle down and do it now, do it now, do it now!

One thing is certain, when I do accomplish one of the tangible homework assignments I feel fantastic!  I feel proud of myself and am so appreciative for all the MKMMA coaches and people supporting and instructing me through the process.

When I think about this being a scholarship and absolutely free it just blows my mind.  It is really hard to imagine this much generosity but I won’t question it, I will strive to maintain a heart of appreciation and an undefeated mind.

I have had a challenge getting my busy, computer savvy daughter to carve out the time to help me with certain projects so to have a team of people who want nothing more than to teach me how to post a blog, embed a video, insert links, and more is incredible.  Who wouldn’t be grateful?!

It felt so good to send my husband the link to my About Aanya page last night and hear him express how awesome he thought it was and encourage me to “keep going!”  So I will!  I’ll keep going even when it feels hard.  I know it is the only way to overcome my fears and more importantly, my lazy nature.

After all, it has only been 2 weeks in a 6 month journey so it stands to reason that somethings will feel foreign and difficult.  I’m so grateful for this opportunity to improve myself and observe and master my mind.

The main objective is to form good habits and become the hero in my own story.


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16 thoughts on “Master Key Week 2”

  1. Thank you Aanya for being so articulate. I really enjoyed your posts! Well done 😉

    I am learning from your posts and how to express myself freely just like you did. Very inspiring!

    Look forward to reading your next post.

    Agnes Jagica

    1. Thank you Agnes. I need to learn now how to respond to people’s blogs. I need that lesson. I’ll look for you and check out your posts. I’m sure you’re doing great!

    1. Thanks Chris, can’t believe how much information we’re getting! I appreciate your comments. Still quite a bit to learn like how to reply to these messages and to Twitter posts. Maybe a class coming on that soon.

  2. Wow look at you. Only week 2 and you have a video in your blog. Obviously you apply what you learn. I enjoyed reading your blog. This MKMMA journey has been an awesome experience for me and I am taking a third trip around. I hope [believe] you gain as much from this experience as I have and continue to have. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much Theresa! I hope I gain as much as you have too. Still feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the assignments but I trust it will get easier. I’ll check out your blog!

  3. Hello from Australia fellow Master Key student.
    Thank you for sharing your journey with MKMMA
    If I can be of any assistance feel free to Tweet (@RonMKMMA) or email me (, or even just put a comment on my blog (
    I am loving this journey and meeting people from all around the world.
    Have a great day of happiness

    1. Ok lots to learn. I started a reply to you then went to your blog and now I don’t see the original message. Also did not see a way to comment on your blog???? I was saying originally, thanks for the support and offer to help. Maybe you can tell me how to comment on your blog.

    1. Well, I did it again. I started a reply to you, went to your wordpress link and lost the original message. Clearly I need more training! LOL Thank you for reaching out to me. I’ll check you out on the blog roll and might have better luck commenting.

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