Master Key – Week 1

Wow, what a week! Recently, I applied for and received a scholarship to participate in a six month Master Key Master Mind Alliance.  It is just the perfect thing and the perfect time for me to do and I’m so grateful to be included.

I started chanting in early September to “observe my mind” and wouldn’t you know, I received an email addressing the workings of the mind.  I jumped on application process and feel great appreciation for the MKMMA class of 2014 who paid it forward and made it possible for me to participate for free!  If I find value in the work I, too, can pay it forward!  I’m already seeing value in the first assignment.

I challenged myself to accomplish all the required tasks, buy a few supplies and really begin to give some thought to mastering my mind.  I’ve already surprised myself by sitting still for 15 minutes to master my body! I give myself a high five for sitting completely still.  That is NOT something I’m accustomed to doing for sure!

One awesome thing that happened was that I discovered a caterpillar on a Passion Flower a few weeks ago and a friend taught me how to help her, (I named the caterpillar Lily) transform into a butterfly right in my kitchen window.  It was something to see; her growth, going into the cocoon (sorta freaky) and and then yesterday Lily did indeed become a beautiful butterfly and flew away!  I’m excited because I now have 2 more caterpillars (Laila & Sheila) in a jar preparing for their transformation too.  The beauty of nature is simply amazing.



I found this experience to be very representative of my own expected transformation.  With the help of MKMMA, in six months I plan to be just like Lily and soar into the skies of absolute freedom knowing exactly what my purpose or mission is in life and making sure I fulfill it.

Sometimes its easy to get hung up on the money aspect of life but in reality I know I’m here to do more, contribute more to the world than make a lot of money and spend it on stuff.  Don’t get me wrong, I definitely aspire to make a great income with my network marketing business but I know there’s a deeper meaning to life.

After sitting still for 15 minutes today (part of the homework), I needed to go to the post office.  This is usually not what I’d call a fun thing to do since the lines are long and the employees are few.  Determined to create a good feeling for myself I walked and played Jimmy Cliff’s version of the song I Can See Clearly Now.  It is a great song and I recently saw him perform it at a festival.  He was awesome and ageless. But I digress.  I played the song repeatedly walking to and inside the post office where I even danced a bit while I looked out the windows at the beautiful trees across the street.  It made the experience of waiting much more pleasant and entertaining.  I think I probably even entertained some of the other patrons as well!  The employee who helped me said she should charge me for using their facility as a gym/dance floor.

It all made me think, why don’t I do that more often? Listen to great music and focus on being joyful, singing, dancing and not fretting the mundane, hectic, frustrating things in life.  Walking home with a smile on my face I interacted with men, women and babies who responded with smiles of their own.  It is truly a wonderful way to walk through the neighborhood.  A smile is a cause.  I will make the cause to smile more each day and enjoy the effect.  Perhaps learning to live blissfully will be my greatest lesson with MKMMA.  Time will tell the story.

Master Key Experience

Deciding to make fundamental changes in myself and submitting the application for a scholarship to learn the skills to make those changes have brought out a range of emotions; fear, stress, trepidation, exhilaration! Whew!! My seat belt is fastened and I’m ready for this ride!

Life is short and I’ve wasted enough time.  I know I have a profound mission that only I can fulfill, as is true for us all, so I’m ready to take on the task of unearthing and knowing what my profound mission is and advance undeterred by my own thoughts!

Now is the time and I am ready!  I am grateful for the opportunity.  I am determined to keep this promise I’ve made to myself.  Let the journey begin.